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Medical Chart Holders for Doors

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If you are looking for new medical chart holders, take a moment to consider whether the chart holder will be mounted on a wall or a door. On a wall? The world is your chart holder. Fill your boots, as our Canadian friends say.

Mind the Gap

If you plan to door-mount the chart holders, then consider a couple of design features that will save you from the major annoyance of charts on the floor, instead of on the door:

  • If you can find one that you like, choose a pocket-style chart holder like the one at the beginning of this post. Drop the chart in the top of the pocket and you can swing the door all you want and that chart isn't going anywhere.
  • If none of the pocket-style chart holders work for you, then be sure to pick a style that has some sort of side retainers and a sizable lip on the bottom shelf. Open sides mean charts are going to go flying when the door opens or closes and little or no lip on the bottom shelf can allow the charts to fall from the bottom of the holder when the door moves.


It is the responsibility of the installer to use appropriate methods when installing medical chart holders for doors. Commercial doors are often hollow and extra care is required to be sure the chart holder is mounted securely. Door-mounted chart holders often turn into impromptu door handles as people grab them to pull the door closed; if you think a chart on the floor is bad, imagine the chart and the chart holder on the floor, along with a damaged door and an irritated practitioner.

Patient Privacy

One last thing (really), don't forget about patient privacy. Wall and door-mounted chart holders may put the charts at more-or-less eye level with people entering the room or walking by. HIPAA-compliant medical chart holders are designed to prevent casual observers from seeing the chart tabs.

We've set aside a little category that contains medical chart holders suitable for door mounting. Please give us a call or email if you have additional questions or want some guidance making your selection.

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