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Medical Chart Holders for Doors

Most of our single-pocket medical chart holders may be mounted on doors instead of walls. There are two key things to look for in medical chart holders for doors, both having to do with keeping your medical charts from ending up on the floor.

Must-Have Features for Medical Chart Holders for Doors

The simplest approach for a door-mounted medical chart holder is to use a pocket-style design such that the chart is dropped in the top and will not slide out the sides or fall out of the bottom of the chart holder when the door is opened or closed. If the pocket design isn't for you, then make sure your preferred chart holder has:

  • Side panels or some other type of side retainers to stop charts sliding out sideways when the door is opened and closed
  • A bottom shelf with a substantial lip so that charts do not slide out of the bottom of the chart holder when the door is closed


Keep in mind that patients entering the room may see the medical chart in the door-mounted chart holder at or near eye-level. Steps should be taken to ensure that the patient cannot easily see the name on the medical chart, even if it is the patient's chart and not that of the last patient in the room; in this time of privacy concerns an observant person may be disturbed by the visible display of their name in what is perceived as a public area. Our medical chart holders designed with this in mind have "HIPAA" in the product name.

Proper Mounting

Please note that it is the responsibility of the installer to provide the proper mounting method based on the door construction. Many commercial doors are hollow and the chart holder may need additional mounting points on the bottom to secure it. If you have questions about mounting any chart holder, please contact us for support.


With few exceptions, our medical chart holders are custom-built to order based on the choices made at the time of purchase, like wood and paint finishes, materials for front panels, and front panel styles. There are millions of possible combinations. If you would like some guidance on how the options work or want to request color samples, please contact us.