Art Design International

ADI's Suspension technique is a patented and proven method of making the most comfortable chairs in the world.

One of our clients described the fit as, "Heavenly!" Another wondered why every chair manufacturer didn't use the ADI method. We had to explain: Patents. ADI owns the method. Rather than use a seat pan of metal or wood, Art Design International uses a 14 gauge steel frame which is strapped with braided polyethylene and then upholstered. This leads to a level of comfort surpassing older tech.

The user's body never contacts anything rigid on the seat. It floats in suspension within the perimeter of the tubular steel frame of the seat and backrest on braided polyethylene straps. Foam pads of appropriate density are laid on top of these straps and cover the edge of the frame as well. Think your mesh chair is comfy? Try an ADI and you'll be kicking that old mesh thing to the curb.

If that wasn't enough, every ADI swiveling chair has a waterfall front. This means the front of the seat subtly sinks as pressure is applied to it.

Durable? The frame is 14 gauge steel. The pneumatic cylinder is from Suspa with a lifetime warranty. The factory warranty against defects is Lifetime on the frame and suspension, 5 years on ADI fabrics and controls.

Not enough? All ADI Chairs come with replaceable fabric or leather covers; the chair frame itself never needs to be replaced.

Did we mention the Free Shipping?